We don't have church membership

Here at Impact we believe that every follower of Christ should serve others, and the way to do that with Impact is by volunteering for the church.

There are a variety of departments you can help in, including;

  • Kids Rock - Change a childs life and impact a generation through teaching, creative arts and more
  • Ushering - Whether it's helping people finding seats, or pointing someone in the right direction, you can be a positive force in someones visit to Impact.
  • Security - Working side by side with trained professionals to keep our children and services safe, you can give a sense of safety to those around you
  • Worship Team - Do you sing or play an instrument and have a passion for leading people in corporate worship? This may be the place for you.  (auditions required)
  • Production - Working our audio and visual aspects of the worship experience is extremely important. Learn the skills and programs we use to change lives.
  • Creative Department - Are you an experienced designer, photographer or videographer?  We would love to have you on board. (audition required)