Mission 1:

Mary Rose Mission

Feeding and helping people in need.


Our mission is simple…to love.  Our guests visit us because they are hungry.  Some are physically hungry, others are hungering for someone to listen to them, someone to ask “How are you?”,  someone to simply care.

Mary Rose mission serves between 100-150 people each night, 5 nights a week. 


For more information or to sign up, please email brandy.woolum@impactlife.me

What we can do.

  1. We will have a team or teams of 11. Depending on the amount of people we have will determine whether we will be a single team or team up with another group.
  2. The applications will be given out each Sunday after service. We are asking for them to be returned by July 31st in order to get on the MRM schedule for August. Anyone wanting to apply after that is welcome, we are hoping to form several teams.
  3. The actual service we will be providing is pre meal setup, meal service and post meal cleanup.

What you will need

Everyone must wear closed toe shoes for safety

**Bring a hat or a hairnet will be provided

**Park in the rear of the building closest to the guest entrance

**Serving shift should arrive promptly at 3:30 (2nd shift) The staff is transitioning from 3:15 to 3:30 and will open the door at 3:30.  The 2nd shift is expected to stay until their shift has been completed (approximately 7:00pm)