Together. God created us not to be alone, but to be with one another, working and enjoying His creation and love. Here at Impact Life Church, we believe that where two or three are gathered in His name, that anything is possible (Matthew 18:20).

With this conviction in our hearts, we began uniting under the banner of the Together Program. Through this we can achieve anything. 


Together : for Kids Rock

Together doesn't just affect the sanctuary walls. Our Together fund helps us teach your children about the love of God and the excitement of their life in Christ. Using games, videos and activities, your contribution can change a generation.

Together : for Impact Storehouse

Impact Storehouse fed over 1000 people in 2013. We want to continue to help those of us who are in need by giving away free food to families across the Tri-State. Partnered with Freestore Foodbank, Chipotle, Bob Evans and Red Lobster, we aim to eliminate hunger pains from any and all who need.

Together : for our Church

We believe in taking care of what God has given us. Hundreds of people have been saved, lives and families have been restored, and life courses have been corrected over the course of ten years. God has given us a place to meet for these things to happen, and we want to keep it looking as good as possible. The Together fund allows us to do just that. Whether it be carpet, paint or informational posters, our goal is to be relevant and impactful with every aspect of our church.