What To Expect


At Impact Life Church, we want you to have a life changing experience with God. We can accomplish this with a few different ways.


We don’t do boring


God is exciting, so church should be exciting. We don’t want our services to be “just another Sunday”. We believe in engaging teaching, relevant topics of discussion, and a dynamic worship environment.


Contemporary worship


At ILC, we worship and serve. You won’t find, stuffy, strict worship services. We worship passionately, inviting the Holy Spirit to impact us every time we’re together. It may look different to you than it does to others. Whether you raise your hands and sing loudly, or meditate quietly, you can be sure to find the spirit of God here.


Relaxed environment


We don’t care what you wear. Whether you’re in a three piece suit, or a t shirt and hat, God doesn’t look on the outward of you, and neither will we. 


Multi-cultural openness


We’re not a white, black, latino, or any other kind of church. We are just a Church. The body of Christ should be diverse, open, and loving. No matter what you look like, no matter what you may be facing in life, know that you are welcome to be with us.